How I fell in love with The City


Restless, energetic, friendly, humid, welcoming, warm, bright, noisy and ever changing…

How can you ever find yourself under all those shining lights and think to yourself ‘I do not like New York City’?! Yes, it is humid. Yes, it is overflowing with people. Yes, you can barely see the sky, but I am so glad I got to breathe that humid air, so thankful I walked on that overstepped pavement, so blessed to have one form of the ever-changing city etched in my mind. These people are so aware of their presence in the world, they are fully conscious of their energy and the way it affects the whole habitat. New Yorkers are so used to tourists, they will gladly offer help if they see you struggling even the slightest bit, be it getting around the subway system, directions for landmarks and interesting places throughout the city and even recommendations. This noisy species so used to chaos will gladly shout compliments at you from across a busy street, they will smile and give a thumbs up while walking past you, or straight up stop you in your tracks and say ‘Oh my God! I love your ring!’, and of course, many new brides will reply with the now classic, overly-enthusiastic ‘Thanks, I designed it myself! I just got married!!!’.

Positive vibes will haunt you throughout the City, they will follow you around museums, greet you in department stores and surprise you strolling around Central Park. It is impossible not to fall in love with the City and I truly hope everyone has the opportunity to experience it as beautifully as I did, be it long-time New Yorkers or first-time tourists.

Thank you, New York.

Photo by me, taken June 12th 2014 in 5th Ave., NYC.


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