On superficiality

Humanity is drowning in its own vanity.Living as if being pretty is the most important thing next to breathing. We’re surrounded by lackadaisical people oblivious to anything that doesn’t promote an instantaneous beautifying effect; who spend superfluously on unnecessary things only for their efforts to go unnoticed once again. Our compassion towards one another, our sympathy and ability to relate to others diminishes whenever we have to do with someone we see as more attractive or superior to ourselves.

We have transformed into walking, breathing, living advertisements; showcasing anything, from the food we eat, to our bodies in hope of obtaining some likes on pictures plastered all over social media. We fail to remember that we are our own worst critics, and all this prejudice that surrounds us only helps shrink our self-importance and self-appreciation. It’s a constant search of approval, but what you’re not noticing is that everyone is so concerned with themselves that nobody truly observes anything going on around them; they’re just looking (for flaws), not seeing (beauty). This kind of collective behavior belittles humankind, submerging us in our own sadness and draining our self-confidence, convincing us from the very moment we’re born that we are always supposed to look and act perfect, that what we think and feel is insignificant, as long as you’re looking good.

Nobody ponders about things that matter anymore. Most do nothing but scrape the surface of their brains; their mind finding use only for what I refer to as biological purposes. Even the things that concern us are limited to what we’re presented with from the media. It’s as if all souls under the smoldering sun have suddenly vaporized, and meaty mass is all there is left to roam these streets.

Uncommon are those who still enthrall with just their passion and intelligence, whose faces beam with exhilaration every time you bring up something they’re passionate about, thrilled they got the chance to let you in on their opinion; that captivate your soul with just their words, infest your mind with knowledge and give you reason to contemplate. And when you do find a person that’s so extraordinary, so aware and conscious of their existence, of their power and importance, that’s full of life, energy and boldness, it’s like watching a meteor setting the sky ablaze on the gloomiest of nights. They alter your outlook on life itself.

If you are one of these persons who choose to fill their lives with a plethora of interests, I hope you know you’re an eminent human being that’s as rare as a glass winged butterfly. May you continue to live your life with passion and tenderness, though be wary not to lose that which individuates you. Use this blessing to inspire others around you, feeding their minds and giving them hope, shaking vanity right out of society.  And if you don’t fall into this group of people, I hope one finds you soon and presents you with the abundance of truly precious things in life. There’s so much more to breathe for than just impressing those who aren’t even concerned with your happiness and fulfillment.

Embrace life in more than just one dimension, for if we were meant to live on a line, we’d simply be dead.


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